Adam Price

Adam Price

Co-Founder, Writer-Creator and Executive Producer

Adam Price is a Co-Founder, Writer-Creator and Executive Producer at SAM Productions.

Adam Price is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning screenwriter and playwright who has written numerous TV series reaching a broad audience in countries all over the world. Adam Price is currently working on the new season of Borgen which is set to air on DR in 2022. His latest TV series Ragnarok (Netflix Original, 2020 -) is available on Netflix in over 190 countries. Before that Adam was the creator and writer of the critically acclaimed TV series Ride Upon the Storm (DR Drama, 2017 – 2018) which was awarded with the Content London C21 International Drama Award for Best Non-English Language Drama, as well as the Danish TV Award for best TV Series for two consecutive years. Main cast member, Lars Mikkelsen, was also awarded with the Best Performance by an Actor International Emmy Award for his outstanding performance as the family priest Johannes. Adam Price is also the creator and head writer behind the political drama series Borgen (DR Drama, 2010 – 2013), which has been sold to more than 80 countries across 5 different continents and has been awarded with a BAFTA Award for Best International Drama, a Prix Italia Award, a FIPA d’Or for Best Drama, a Peabody Award as well as the Danish TV Award for Best Drama for three consecutive years. Price was also the creator of the drama series Anna Pihl (TV2 Drama, 2006 – 2008), winning the Danish TV Award for Best Drama in 2006 and furthermore he was behind the original idea for the Emmy Award-winning series Nikolaj and Julie (DR Drama, 2002 – 2003). Before that Adam was a staff writer on the TV Series Taxa (DR Drama 1997-1998).

For the theatre, Adam Price has written a number of plays and musicals, his latest being the critically acclaimed A Conversation Before Death (The Betty Nansen Theatre, 2014) and an opera in collaboration with Kasper Holten from the Royal Danish Theater, which is a modern and satirical retelling of the “Af den gule enke”

Apart from writing, Adam Price stars as a TV chef with his brother, James Price, in the TV Show Spise med Price (Eating with the Price Brothers) which is currently on its 12th season at DR. Adam and his brother have also written several cookbooks and co-own six restaurants in Denmark under the brand Brdr. Price (

Adam Price initially studied law at the University of Copenhagen and began writing professionally in the late eighties. Price has also worked as a freelance writer and restaurant critic for Politiken, a major Danish newspaper, and he was Head of Drama for the Danish channel TV2 in 2000 – 2004.